Nutrio Food Launches The Frutzee Family Snacks

My son is a picky eater and he only eats food he likes. He doesn’t eat fruits, vegetables, meat or seafood. He only likes to eat cereal, bread, plain rice and noodles. As a mom, I worry whether he gets enough nutrition. Mr. Derek, Frutzee’s Managing Director also had 3 children who were picky eaters. With his 10 years background in the food business and immense commitment in providing the best for his family, he and his partner, Mr. Eddie Ooi came up with this new concept of healthy, tasty fruit snacks without preservatives, coloring and taste enhancers. This is the first healthy food snack series to be out in the market.

The Frutzee snacks are available in 4 different flavors – Apple, Banana, Grapes and Strawberries, These snacks are for children 12 months old and above. These snacks are made from real fruit freeze-dried immediately after picking to maintain all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits of the fresh fruits. In every box, there are 4 small packets, very convenient for moms to bring out for their children. Each box is RM 18.00.

Clockwise from top left: Strawberry, Banana, Grapes, Apple.

There is no added sugar except for strawberry flavor where there is 1% sugar because strawberries are usually sour.

Mr. Eddie Ooi explained that Nutrio Food uses a patented and proven cutting-edge technology where fruits are washed and placed in a vacuum chamber to be cooled to -30 degrees Celcius. The natural freshness and taste are retained. Air is pumped out in the vacuum process, changing the frozen water crystals into gas leaving the fruits dehydrated. The nutritional benefits are preserved for over 1 year through this process, giving the fruits it’s crispiness. After opening the packet, the snacks become softer and less crispy after about 10 minutes as moisture from the air gets into the snacks.

Frutzee is now available for online purchase at and You can also purchase Frutzee at the following store locations For more information about Frutzee, please visit their Facebook

Frutzee will be at Premium Baby Expo KLCC on 20th August 2016, 2pm-4pm on stage for ‘Let’s Frutzee’ Food Art and Coloring Contest. Come and join Frutzee Family for some fun with your children. See you there!

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