Frutzee Online Blogger Recipe Contest

Hi to all my lovely parent bloggers, as mentioned in the Frutzee Family Party (Soft Launch), we will be having a special blogger recipe contest. Here are some of the simple details:

1.   We would like you to share your thoughts and do some simple product review, for eg: the Frutzee packaging, Frutzee characters, the taste and many more.

Blog sample:

every blogger has their own writing style. Please refer to the press release to get the main points about Frutzee (as reference, not to copy the whole press release):

2.   Using the small packs of Frutzee we had prepared from the launching, please prepare some simple recipe using Frutzee. Simple recipe can be really simple, such as: Mix your Frutzee fruit snacks into your children’s salad, puree, cereal, yogurt, ice-cream and many more!  However, as just a gentle reminder again, Frutzee snacks will become soggy after 10 mins upon opening packaging. Therefore, it is to be mixed as the last step or served as toppings. Don’t use frutzee to baked or cooked along, as you will lose all the nutrition and taste your children need. Here, some inspiration for you:

3.   Frutzee is all about family bonding. Take picture moments with your children or family as you prepare the recipe, photo sample:


4.  At the end of your blog, please encourage your readers to like Nutrio Malaysia FB page:

Deadline to submit blog recipe: 10th September 2016.

Reward: We always value those with quality and hardwork. Cash will be given to the most creative blog, most interesting photos, those who did all the 4 points I have mentioned as per above, and final decision will be judged by Frutzee internal staff and upper management. We treat all bloggers fair and no special treatment or unfairness will occur.

*To those bloggers who have missed out our soft launch, and  would like to join the recipe contest, please email to, with the title: Frutzee online recipe contest”. the T&C is you have min of 2000 traffic stats monthly OR you are a niche bloggers who only blog about parenting, but with the short timeline, latest email submission will be by 20 Aug 2016, because we need to deliver to you, for you to blog the recipe, etc. Hope you can make it, super mama and papa!

Bloggers, time to shine and show your skill! Let’s proof to everyone that bloggers are always different and do things beyond the line!

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