Fun For The Whole Family! /Its Always Better Together

Food isn’t just for your belly. Its a way to spend quality time with the people who matter most in your life.

Unfortunately, in today’s urban jungle quality time is often in short supply. Instead, we spend on our time on devices – at work or at play – and push family to second place. And as a company founded by parents who juggle home and work, we want our products to play a positive role in restoring the sanctity of quality time.

All our products are thoughtfully designed to provoke healthy conversations about healthy living. The fruits used in Frutzee, for example, are brought to life through engaging and colorful animated characters, allowing parents to talk about the benefits of a balanced diet in a light-hearted and accessible manner.

What’s more, we actively support initiatives that provide parents and kids valuable bonding time – such as our kids’ cooking classes, which give the little ones a chance to learn about nutrition from a young age – and reach out to mommy bloggers, nutritionists and other targeted media to give parents tips on how to make mealtimes a time to cherish, even when life is hectic.